WooCommerce Plugins

We're experts with gateways from Vantiv, Mercury, Litle & Co, NMA, Moneris, Authorize.net and many more.  


We developed and support a number of WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugins for Vantiv and other processors.  

We support Merchants looking to process with Vantiv / integrated payments (formerly Mercury Payments) as well as Vantiv eCommerce (formerly Litle & Co.)

Many of our plugins are offered free of charge, and allow you to further reduce costs by establishing a direct connection to Vantiv - no third party gateway relationships or extra costs required.  

We support a wide range of payment gateway software - and plugin support is available free of charge.  

In many cases, we'll even install the software and get it running for you free of charge. 

Scroll down for more details on our software and plugin support. 

Need Help?

Are you installing one of our plugins, and need some assistance? 

You can browse our support Help Center.

From within the plugin, or on any page of our website, you can contact us via the chat box on the lower right corner of the page.

You can visit our Contact Page and send us a message.

Our phone number is (614) 846-7315

Custom Plugins


While we are a fan of our existing tools, and know several third party tools like the back of our hands, sometimes a Merchant needs a solution as unique as their business. 

When an off the shelf solution just won't do, we can create a tool that is safe & secure that reflects the needs of your business. Contact Us for a consultation and estimate. 

Vantiv Hosted Checkout plugin

The leading choice for Merchants that want a secure plugin with the least PCI Compliance burdens for their site.

Vantiv Web Services Plugin

For larger merchants comfortable with handling their own PCI Compliance that want a single page checkout experience.

Vantiv StoreCard & Gift Cards

Allow your customers to redeem their store bought gift cards online for merchandise or services.

Authorize.net Payment Plugins

Auth.net has a number of plugins for WooCommerce. SIM, CIM, DPM - let us help you sort out their alphabet soup. 

Legacy - Mercury Payments Plugin

We have a number of solutions for merchant who currently process with Mercury Payments. Drop us a line and we'll get you setup. 

Legacy - Litle & Company Plugin

If you're looking to get your Litle & Co software setup or reinstalled, we can help get your site rolling. Confused about Vantiv? Drop us a line. 

PCI Compliance QIR Qualification

We believe security is essential to a safe and secure eCommerce site. Let us help you ensure a great experience for you, and for your customers.

Other Payment Plugins

Are you having issues with your existing plugins? We can review your setup and assist in diagnosing a variety of payment plugin issues.